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About Us

Who we are

Onpower Srl is a young and dynamic company, established in 2004 just outside Milan, that can count on a high skilled staff, with over ten-years' experience in sale and support of uninterruptible power supplies.

Onpower, focusing attention to the development and the input of new products, wants to be constantly updated and, above all, to offer the best market solutions for its customers.

Our Services

Onpower is your trusted dealer for sale and support of uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, rectifiers, emergency light devices, voltage stabilizers.
Our staff, thanks to the experience and expertise gained over the years, can support you to find the best solution for your needs, and will follow you all the way, from preliminary surveys to product selection, from preventive maintenance to replacement and scrapping of obsolete equipment.


Our specialized technicians perform preliminary surveys before to start-up the devices, in order to check the environment, arrange for the installation and the operation test of the equipment, besides taking care of staff training.


Onpower offers its customers a range of customizable solutions to extend the warranty periods of products, giving an added value to the maintenance and support service.


To ensure maximum operation efficiency of of the equipment, our technicians schedule regular maintenance visits, performing follow-up testing and ensuring batteries or other spare parts replacement where needed.


In case of product malfunction, our staff is able to provide full support to customers, either by telephone or with on-site checks, with high promptness and expertise, in order to minimize response time.


We offer customized solutions of withdrawal and scrapping of obsolete devices, according to current laws, to provide customers a constantly updated machinery, step with the most recent technologies offered by the market.

Application fields

Industrial Automation
Civil and Industrial
Electrical Systems
Information Technology